sequestration rehabilitation costs

sequestration rehabilitation costs

Cost for  sequestration rehabilitation is R12 000

Options as follow:
1. Deposit of R 6000 – Balance 2 weeks before the court date R 6000. Total R12000

2. Deposit of R 2000 – R 1800 per month for 6 months Rehabilitation cost on option 2Total R 12 800) or

3. Instalments R 2000 for 3 months (until R6000) – then we start with rehabilitation and client continue with R1200 for 6 months. (Total R 13 200)

4. Guardian fund money
In the case of when the Curator informed us of Guardian fund money available we
will claim R 12 000 from the outstanding amount.


you are welcome to look at the above options for payment thereof.

Please take note if you are making use of the instalment options and you do not comply with our arrangements we will load you as a “non-payer” on ITC.

Please contact us for further information.

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